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About Us

Welcome to Groei.Us. We are glad you are here. 

The Groei.Us community is a group of like-minded regional, rural and remote small to medium business owners (if you are urban we would still love for you to join us). 

This is a space to share ideas, gain knowledge, provide peer to peer support but most importantly to get to know other business owners/founders like you .. across Australia and NZ and in your region (if you don't know them already)

We hope you enjoy being part of this community...please make it yours. Post ideas, share our story and your expertise. We can all learn from each other and together we can grow sustainable small businesses and strong communities. 

Why join groei.Us

When you join the groei.Us community you can access a range of  curated knowledge for solo, micro and small businesses like you. 

* Get access to our weekly SME Forum recordings. Engage with our speakers who moderate our topics and are there for you to continue the conversation. 

*Join us on our fortnightly fireside chats a virtual networking event for small business owners. 

You can also upgrade to the MapMakers or Pathfinders memberships

Mapmakers is an annual strategy membership program for small business owners - set your horizons and 90 days goals. 

Pathfinders is an accountability membership for small business owners meeting in confidential, virtual small groups 

A Big Thanks

We wish to thank all of our partners, regional and program facilitators, coaches, content providers, hosts and moderators.. without you this community would not exist.

If you are not already connected to our partners please connect with them through their social media :

The Rural Woman


Startup Onramp

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